Why cavemen are still the maximum experts of female attraction

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You heard it soooo many times that you’ll get sick if I say it again.

“Beauty doesn’t matter for men.”

This is the motto gurus have been living by. And the important thing is that, yes, beauty doesn’t matter. And neither how much money you make. Or how tall you are. 

Neither one of these things can stop you from getting a lot of beautiful, horny women.

Or just your dream girlfriend. 

As long as you don’t let these limitations stop you.

But the point is, why beauty, money, and status don’t matter?


This is not just a motto to sell products.

And here I am going to explain to you exactly why beauty doesn’t matter. And why game works.

Why learning attraction skills will help you get laid with incredibly hot women, no matter how you look or how much money you have on your bank account.

How men rejected by society can sleep with Victoria Secret Angels

We live in a world made of smartphones, big cities, planes that bring you from one side of the world to another. And dating apps that help you get laid within a few messages.

However, we didn’t evolve in such a world. Humankind populated the earth for 65’000 years. And the last 100 years are just a tiny part of our existence.

For tens of thousands of years, men and women lived in small tribes. And that’s when we evolved biologically during these tens of thousands of years.

We evolved in an environment that is drastically different from the one we live in now. Imagine a tribe living in the African Savannah. Or the Amazonian jungle. Surviving is hard. And you spend most of your life with the same group of people.

Being in a tribe is the only way to survive.

50’000 years ago, living alone in dangerous environments like the African savannah or the cold forests of northern Europe would have meant one and only thing: DEATH

Remember this principle, because the whole pick-up community is based on this simple concept.

Living alone without a tribe would have been very difficult.

And despite we live in the era of Tinder and easy sex, our brain still lives in that era. It took thousands of years to develop. And it will need thousands more to adapt completely to the present.

So, in such environments, what is attractive?

First, competence. Being able to survive.

If you can provide food for yourself and other people, a woman will find you attractive in such environments. You’ll be able to protect her and your children from danger. And provide them food.

But a bigger indication of your ability to survive is your social reception. Basically, how your tribe treats you.

If you are a good hunter, people will appreciate you because you provide food for the tribe.

If you are a good warrior, people in the tribe will follow you because you protect them. They will show respect to you. And the girl will respond well to that.

Women perceive as attractive your competence to survive. But also the social indicators of your competence to survive. 

If your tribe loves you and respects you → It means that you do something valuable for them. (Protection and food).

So, what does a woman look for in a man?

  • Strong, healthy genes.
  • Social reception or still better, leadership. If you’re a leader, it means you’ve competencies that allow you and your tribe to survive. The higher is your ability to provide food and take care of the members of the tribe, the higher is your status in the tribe.

How does this manifest in the modern days?

Girls still look at your social response. But they still find attractive the small things that would have mattered in a small tribe. So, competencies like your job skills, being able to speak different languages. Being good at sports. Travelling etc.

All these small things are still valued by women.

However, in a small tribe, everybody knows everybody. In a small group of people, a woman will know if you truly have the ability to survive. She knows your status in the tribe.

But in the modern world, lived by 7 billion people, nobody knows what’s your real value. If you meet a girl in a big city, she won’t know anything about you. If you travel, women won’t know who you truly are.

When you are in a small tribe, and you are a low-status person, if you start acting confident and cocky, you’ll get punched in the face. Because they know your value.

But if you go to a city with 3 million people, and you start acting confident and cocky, people won’t know that you are a low-status individual. They don’t know that in college you were a loser. Or that every girl in high school rejected you. 

So, they assume that your social cues are a reflection of your past life. Hence, if you act cocky and confident like the leader of a group, they’ll assume you have a high status in the groups where you grew up. Be it the high school, or the church choir. 

In a tribe, people can look at the truth, so who you really are. Whereas in the modern world, since people can’t know the truth, they will look for indications of the truth. They look at honest signals of the truth.

And this is why game works.

If you show the social clues a leader would have, women will assume you’re one. And they’ll find you attractive.

When you cold approach a woman, she doesn’t know you and you can literally be anybody. And this is why girls will test you. And want to spend time with you before sleeping with you. They want to understand if you truly are who you say you are.

This is game: Convey high-value traits of the leader of a group. B

Walk up to a girl, indicating high-value traits, telling the story of the high-value attractive guy. And then being able to back it up.

However, as much as we are in a modern world, girls are not stupid. So, while it’ìs easy to show that you’re a high-value man, it’s as easy for a woman to demolish your castle of sand. Women will test you. Women will challenge you. And you must learn to pass these tests. 

So, if you walk up to a girl highly confident, and she shit-tests you, but you fail the test, you’ll lose your value and your chance to get her.

If you meet a girl and you start telling her a lot of bullshits to build value, eventually she’ll catch your lies and you’ll lose her trust.

Women are smart.

And you don’t need to trick them to get them.

Everything you have to do is becoming the high-value guy she wants to sleep with.

Become the confident, leading, dominant guy.

But, to be more precise, what are the characteristics that women place a high value on? We discussed leadership. It’s time to get more specific now.

Attraction switches

In this blog post,  I listed all the traits that women use to judge your value. And the ones that students of pick up leverage are the “learned” ones, that you find at the end of the post.

All these traits come down to honest signals. Signals that communicate what kind of man you are. 

Some of these attraction switches are:

  • Knowing how to play the dance of seduction
  • Charisma
  • Holding your frame
  • Experience

You can go deeper into these switches here. But here I will explain why these attraction switches work.

Every day our brain receive hundreds of different stimulus. Even in this moment, while I write this post, I am receiving hundreds of stimuli. The sunlight that enters my room through the window. The noise of the keyboard while I type these words. People walking down the street I see from here. The smell of fresh air in the morning. The feeling of my body pressing against the chair, etc.

At any given moment, your brain is receiving hundreds of different signals. And the brain task is to focus only on the relevant ones. Because if you had to focus on every single stimulus coming at you in a moment, you would go crazy. Imagine when you walk in the city center. You get thousands of stimuli at the same time: Noise of cars, the wind, the rain, people asking for information, guys screaming in the background, street vendors trying to sell you something, the noise of the underground.

Millions of signals per second. But you’re brain chose to not focus on them. 

Otherwise, you would go crazy. Your focus will go on what’s relevant to you. For instance, the map of the city you’re looking at. Or the voice of your friend talking to you while you walk together, rather than the traffic noise.

At the same time, when a girl meets you, she will receive different signals from you. And she will focus on the few ones that are relevant to judge your value.

The important elements that are likely, to be honest signals of your value. So things like eye contact, the tone of your voice, how you’re dressed, your body language, and what you say.

She’ll leverage the few signals you send to understand if you were the high-value man of your group. Or the last individual of the social chain.

She won’t focus on every word that comes out of your mouth, but on some key words. She won’t listen to everything you say, but just the relevant information useful to judge your value.

For instance, being confident communicates that in the past you had positive feedback from people around you. If you had positive feedback, it means you had value in your group. So, women will assume that a confident man has a high value in his group.

Game is about having these key elements on point, so when she looks at them, she will judge you as high value.

However, faking till you make it won’t bring you very far. The way to do it is truly becoming the high-value man women want. Because honest signals manifest in a positive way. But even in a negative way. Women will catch the honest signals you send. And if you’re a low-value guy, they’ll sense it.

If you want to understand how to increase your sexual market value, read this blog post. The “Learned” section relates to everything we discussed so far. Show the honest signals that display you as a high-value man.

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