How to use these stupid simple exercises to


and approach any woman you want. 

No matter who you are, these exercises worked even with men that were so shy they couldn’t even talk to the cashier of the grocery store

“I believed that confidence was a natural-born quality. Thanks to these exercises I discovered that confidence is a skill that anyone can master. And I am taking full advantage of it.” – Raphael

Before you start reading this page, be aware of two things:

  • Social Instinct is not a magic course that will transform you into a pick-up artist in thirty minutes. It requires you to take the time to go out and meet women. But if you’re willing to invest some time, you’ll meet more women in a month than you probably talked to your whole life.
  • Around 80% of this guide is mostly made of practical exercises. Hence, if you don’t plan to go out and take action, it makes absolutely no sense to get Social Instinct. Or read this page.





Still here reading? Then I have a question for you.

How many times has this happened in your life?

You’re walking to your office. Or you’re walking in the city center with your friends.

And you suddenly spot her. A super fucking cute lady. She has a lovely smile. Eyes that sparkle. And a perfectly shaped body.

She’s just your type.

You know you have to do something or you’ll never see her again. Your instinct is telling you to go chat with that girl. Simply go there and say hello. Whatever happens after that.

But you don’t.

Fear takes control of your body. You come up with some excuses, like “I am late to work” or “She looks bitchy”. So she keeps walking, and you lose that chance forever. You turn around to look at her walking away. You feel a sense of remorse. You know you had to take action, but you decide to forget about it.


This is why I created Social Instinct:

To help you put an end to those fears. And talk to every attractive girl  you come across in your life.

The one in the Starbucks working at her laptop.

The one with round ass and yoga pants working in the gym working out.

The one shopping at Zara.

All of them.


but why haven’t you done it so far?

Starting a conversation with a stranger isn’t easy.

And I know this will sound like any other story you heard on the internet, but I have been a shy guy for most of my life. 

And every time that I tried to search for some methods to become more confident and extroverted, everything I found was a bunch of white noise.


You go on Google or Youtube. And these people tell you to be yourself, to smile. They talk about meditation, being present in the moment. To free yourself from your ego.

On a theoretical level, this makes sense.

But in reality, stuff like “just be yourself” doesn’t help you at all.  I go to a pub and spot a hot woman. 

How does “being myself” help me if I am shy? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

You can find tons of information on Reddit, Youtube, Google, and so on. Although, all this information failed to help me achieve the end result:

Say hi to a group of guys at the park. Or go talk to the cute girl in the coffee shop.

And in my 3 years journey to become a confident man, I discovered practical exercises you can use to boost your emotional state.

And transform a stressful circumstance, such as striking up a conversation with a stranger in the grocery store, into a wonderful experience. And turn these meetings into relationships. Long or short.

NO! By exercises I don’t mean 3 hours meditation sessions. Or,  “go to the gym to feel more confident.”

I mean simple exercises that can change your emotional state, and help you gain confidence.


I thought that I would never get rid of the fear of talking to a stranger. I watched 1000s of Youtube videos and purchased informational products. Some of these products had great information, but it didn’t matter because I would freeze up and not be able to actually go and say hi to a cute girl. But this guide contains practical stuff. And it worked amazingly well for me.

Here’s a basic one you can do right now to improve your mood:

  1. Take 3 deep breaths.
  2. Smile with all the muscles of your face and press your tongue on the roof of your mouth.
  3. Clap your hands three times in a row. If you can, be as loud as you possibly can.
  4. Scream! Whatever you want to yell at the top of your lungs. Just let it all out. However, shout with your diaphragm: Breathe into your stomach and let the air out loudly through your mouth. It doesn’t matter how the sound will look like. Just scream.

If you follow the steps, you’ll immediately feel happier and in a better emotional state to talk to somebody.

ven if at this moment you are not in a place where you can scream, just the first three steps will help you feel better than before you started reading this page.

This is only a brief demonstration, but Social Instinct will show you all the practical exercises to make you feel confident enough to start a conversation with a stranger. 

 After going through Social Instinct, walking those six steps between you and her and saying hello will be as simple as taking a shower.


Very doable and motivating with easy steps to follow that makes it almost impossible to not start having conversations with stranger women.

What’s inside Social Instinct?

Social Instinct contains practical steps to follow to start meeting strangers. I’ll take you by hand and show you exactly what to do to start a conversation with a hot woman.

At the end of these 7 steps, you’ll be able to talk to anyone: whether it’s a Victoria’s Secret model, the cute waitress at the pub you go to on Fridays or a 75-year-old mama.



Here’s what you’ll find inside:

3 mental strategies your brain uses against you to stop you from going to talk to a stranger. And how to neutralize them. (Page 6)

⭕ A simple tone of voice tweak, also used by actors and comedians, that can help you have an hours-long conversation with anyone (not just women) almost without speaking. (Page 25)

Systematic de-sensibilization: If you have ten minutes per day to practice this exercise, two weeks from now you could be able to start a conversation in the worst-case scenario. You could go out dressed like a homeless man and still feel comfortable talking to hot women. (Page 14)

The only times when making excuses to not approach women can help you bang more women. However, if you do this too much, you’ll end up masturbating your way into depression. (Page 9)

⭕ A strategy employed by psychotherapists to dissolve approach anxiety. One little bite per time. This process takes two or three days at least. But its principle is used to cure the worst phobias humans experience, such as water phobia, fear of height, fear of snakes, fear of flying, and so on. And you can use it against approach anxiety. 

How to literally use strangers in the streets as guinea pigs to reframe fear of approach into excitement. And approach even the hottest women without hesitation. (Page 21)

⭕ A 3-minute technique utilized by theater artists in their dressing rooms before going on stage to drastically boost your chances of approaching. And get way better reactions from women.  (Page 13)

⭕ What you can learn from Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal celebrations that can help you feel more comfortable and secure while approaching an attractive woman. (Page 12)

A quick stretching exercise to perform in crowded public places that helps you feel more connected with the people around you. And less nervous when talking to strangers. This exercise is not embarrassing, and nobody around you will notice it when you perform it. (Page 20)

How to use an agenda, or Google Calendar, to increase your chances of getting the phone numbers of gorgeous women. (Page 17)

Why going out with your friends can almost kill every chance of meeting women. (Page 17)

How strangers judge you in the first five/ten seconds you talk to them. This has nothing to do with what you say, how you’re dressed, if you’re fat, short, or ripped.  (Page 30) And that’s why I even included a…

A 5 points checklist to make an amazing first impression – without changing anything about yourself or your clothes. (Page 25)

2 formats to turn everything the girl tells you into conversation thread and create content on the go. (Page 34)

How to neutralize approach anxiety using a pen. I took inspiration for this exercise from the therapies I did years ago with a psychosexual therapist to treat erectile dysfunction. I used it with my students, and it fucking works. It’s the same principle, just applied to a different kind of performance anxiety.  (Page 18)


I could go on, and on, but here’s the deal:

Social Instinct is a short book that contains a 38 pages crash course to help you to approach the most beautiful women in your city. You can read it while you’re sitting on the toilet. 

However, it is not about reading it. It is about putting it into practice.

It’s the same process I use with students that pay me $2000 to coach them in person. And you can have them right now, for $49. 

If you like the deal, get Social Instinct here:


Social Instinct rewired my brain! First, every time I saw a girl, I thought how beautiful she was and imagine how it would feels to have a girl like that. Now, every time I see a girl I like, I don't think about anything. I just go there and talk.

It’s almost impossible that Social Instinct will not help to start meeting new women.

Although, in case you don’t like it, you have 60 days to text me and I’ll refund you the price without asking any questions. You don’t have to prove anything. Just send an email to james@superior-man.com

Or text me on WhatsApp to the number +393533641506.

As long as you request a refund within the 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee window, you can rest assured there’ll be no quibbling about a refund if you have doubts about it.

Disclaimer: the results stated on this page are not a given. You will have to put in work to improve your current situation and get the results you’re aiming for.