“Stop texting women “

After spending 4 months without talking to a single woman, a desperate Italian nerd developed a 7-step formula that helped dozens of hopeless men get a date in 7 days. And you shouldn’t open Tinder before checking it out.

My name is James and I am not a dating coach or a pickup artist…

And until a while ago I hated dating apps.

“Girls don’t reply to your messages. It’s full of fake profiles. And only the top 20% of guys get most of the dates. These apps are just a system to spill money from desperate men.”

Have you ever thought about one of these things?

I used to think all of that. And I met many men that had the same ideas.


If it wasn’t for lockdowns and coronavirus restrictions, I would have never joined a dating app in my life. But after spending three months locked at home without talking to a single woman except for my mother, I decided to start using Tinder, Bumble, Match and other dating apps.

And to be honest, it was a blood bath.

I wasn’t getting any matches. The few girls that liked my photos never replied to my texts. And I was feeling that every minute spent on these dating apps was slowly deteriorating my self-esteem.

I started to wonder if there was something wrong with myself. Was I really so ugly?

Was I really so boring over text?

The closest thing to sex I got was fucking up my car… 

Indeed one day, after hundreds of failed conversations, I finally got a date with a girl.

But the day we had to meet, she stopped answering my texts.

I didn’t give up and decided to get to her place. I was so miserable that while I was driving I got a message from my brother. But I thought it was her. So, I desperately took the phone to check what she said, and BAM!

I hit a car!

Luckily, I “only” broke my nose and my neck. And I had to wear those cervical neck collars for 5 weeks.

Not my car. but what happened that day.

But that didn’t stop my hustle on dating apps.

And after three months I finally found a method to wipe away the competition of men that crowded dating app. And it was thanks to my job in advertising.

Indeed, I started applying marketing and advertising principles companies used to make millions of dollars in sales to dating apps. The goal was the same after all… Instead of catching the attention of customers with an ad, I had to catch the attention of women with my profile.


It didn’t happen overnight. I still had to spend weeks honing the system before being successful. But once I figured it out, getting dates became easy like ordering food on UberEats.

In the following month, I dated 16 women and slept with 9 of them.

I was so busy meeting girls that for five days I totally shut off my business phone and stopped answering every email. To be honest, I was so busy I didn’t even reply to my friends’ messages… Shame on me… But what could I do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But I wasn’t really sure of this system

If it worked for me, it didn’t mean it could work for everyone.

Hence, I tested it with a dozen of men before making it public, and these guys got more dates than they could ever imagine. Some of them have been able to date up to 3 girls in a single week.

Thomas, USA

"I don’t know why I was wasting time on dating apps when I just needed to get a system that showed me the right way, Thanks James."

Filippo, Italy

"James, check this out. Less than 2 days following your stuff and I got a date already."

So, I took a part of that system and created seven steps every man can easily implement.  A method that some guys are leveraging to build a harem of women by using nothing else than their thumb and a smartphone. Different guys, with different backgrounds. In different parts of the world. Shorts, bald, chubby guys. It didn’t matter.

This method is based on the principles that helped companies like Apple sells billions of dollars of iPhones.

And if you follow these seven practical steps, you might get a new date before the next weekend.

Karl, Austria

"The only thing I could think while reading your stuff was “god why didn’t I meet James earlier”. The 7 steps make it super simple. I dated 3 girls this month and it's only thanks to you"


Online Dating Playbook

A 7-step formula to get a date in the next 7 days

    STEP 1

    Before catching a serial killer, the FBI spends hundreds of hours to profile them. They gather as much information as they can to anticipate their behaviors. Companies do the same with their customers. They spend hours researching what they buy and what they don’t to understand the most efficient way to persuade them to buy their products.

    Here we are going to do the same thing: understand what the women in your area want, how to catch their attention, and how to get them on a date.

    STEP 2

    I’ll tell you exactly how to choose great pictures. It doesn’t matter if you are ugly. I’ll show you the mistakes you can avoid (almost every man does at least 2 of these ones). Just by eliminating these mistakes, your profile will become way more attractive.

    STEP 3

    This is the part where you’ll gather data about your pictures and geet feedback. Here we are going to use a statistical process to judge your pictures before uploading them on a dating site. But don’t worry, it’s an easy process. You’ll just have to add your photo to a specific website, and it will return you back the data to judge which one of your pictures is the best to use.

    Gabriel, France

    “Thanks to you I had one of the best nights of my life yesterday. I met this girl on Badoo and we have been dating for two weeks. She’s very sweet but wild in the bed.”

    STEP 4

    We’ll see why 80% of men have a bio that scares women away. And I’ll tell you what you need to do instead.

    STEP 5

    Testing phase. This is essential if you want to keep raising the bar, and hence, improve every week the number of women that like your pictures. The more times you’ll go through this step, the more attractive your profile will become y the time. This is a step that must be executed several times if you want to sleep with more and more women every month.

    STEP 6

    Crafting first messages that don’t get ignored. Here I will give you 10 first text templates to generate infinite first messages and 25 ready-to-use first messages to use right away. This has nothing to do with the stuff you find on Google. These templates are unique ad only accessible to Superior Man readers. Moreover, since you have templates, you can create your own messages so you’ll never have to copy past shit from Google again.

    STEP 7

     Starting a conversion is a great step. The next step is turning it into a date. You don’t want to be her texting buddy. Here I’ll explain the exact texting mindset you need, how to create conversations that spike their interests and how to effectively get her off the phone and out on a date.

      Li Wei, Hong Kong

      ““I can’t believe this. Since I broke up with my girlfriend recently I wasn’t getting a date and I was thinking I had no chances to get engaged again. But now I am confident that I can use this system to meet women. It’s not as genuine as doing it in real life, but at least it’s so easy following your 7 steps.”

      And there’s much more inside…