After spending 4 months without talking to a single woman, a desperate Italian nerd developed a 7-step proven formula that helped dozens of hopeless guys get a date in 7 days. 

Do you ever think that online dating apps are a waste of time?

Girls don’t reply to your messages. It’s full of fake profiles. And only the top 20% of guys get most of the dates. These apps are just a system to spill money from men.

Do you agree with one of these statements?

I used to think all of that. And I met many men that had the same ideas.

If it wasn’t because coronavirus, I would have never used a dating app.


Until March 2020, I hated Tinder and every other dating app. I used to think that it was all about looks. That it was full of fake profiles. And that a man that wasn’t handsome had basically zero chances to get a date.

However, when the pandemic took over the world, these apps became the only way to meet a girl.

So I spent months subscribing to all the dating apps I knew hoping to meet someone. Tinder, Bumble, Match, OkCupid, CoffeMeetBagels.

And it was a bloodbath.

I wasn’t getting any matches. The few girls that liked my photos never replied to my texts. And I was feeling that every minute spent on these dating apps was slowly deteriorating my self-esteem.

I started to wonder if there was something wrong with myself. Was I really so ugly?

Was I really so boring over text?

I was slowly getting into depression… until someday I met a woman that seemed interested. We have been texting for almost a week until I asked her out.

She accepted and we agreed to meet the day after. The following morning I woke up slightly excited. After 2 months in lockdown, without talking to a single girl except for my mother and my sister, I was finally going on a date.

The plan was to meet at her place at 5 pm because everything was closed due to coronavirus restrictions.

But at 3 pm when I texted her to confirm the date, she didn’t reply. I started supposing she would disappear. But I tried to be optimistic. Maybe she’s busy getting ready for the date. Or she has some stuff going on.

It was 4:15 pm and she hadn’t replied yet. I started to be nervous. Should I go there anyway? Or I will look needy?

Why is she acting this way? Did I say something stupid and she regretted it?

I didn’t know what to do. Usually, I never had to deal with these problems because during normal times I used to meet so many women that if a date got canceled, there was another woman I could text and meet instantly.

But all those months without talking to a girl turned me into an insecure guy again.

So I just thought I would get into my car and go to her place.

And while I was getting ready, I was constantly checking my phone hoping to get a text from her.

I was driving toward her place when I suddenly got a message… 

I got excited. I thought it was her. Hence ***while I was driving my car*** I took the phone from my pocket… and the moment I noticed it was just my brother…


(Not my car)

I lost consciousness for a second…

…And when I woke up again I saw in the driving mirror that my nose was bleeding. For some reasons, the airbag didn’t work and when I hit the car in front of me my face bumped into the wheel.

I could have killed myself because a woman wasn’t texting me back…

Luckily, the bleeding stopped early. But I destroyed my car and the one I hit.

Call me a fool… but that experience didn’t stop me to keep using apps. 

What could I do after all? Dating apps were the only option to meet girls during those times. Hence, I couldn’t give up.

I started to study everything I could find. I paid dating coaches that were successful with online dating to learn their strategies. I bought courses (most of them were crap) to learn everything I could. I did hundreds of tests.

But the problem was that they were all saying the same bullshit. Every guy was studying from these coaches. And every coach was saying exactly the same thing. 

A Google tool shows how many searches a sentence gets every month. "Tinder conversation starters" get 100'000 searches every month in the USA.

Thousands of guys every day search for conversation starters on Google. And they copy the same boring lines.

We were all using the same bullshit, thinking to be smarter than the next guy. But the truth was that we were all in the same boat. Using the same pictures. And sending the same messages.

Until one day I discovered a simple strategy to wipe away the competition from dating apps

It happened while I was doing marketing research for a client. Indeed, my job is helping businesses make more money with advertising. Anyway, I was studying successful campaigns of the past to understand what could work, and I bumped into this ad:

This has been one of the most successful ads in history. And the reason was that man with an eye batch. That was unusual. It caught people’s attention. It hooked readers to read the whole ad and ended up buying she shirts.

Millions of dollars of shirts have been sold thanks to that idea of using a man with an eye batch.

That’s when everything clicked in my mind. I had to apply the same principles companies used to differentiate themselves, to dating apps. Advertising techniques relied on human psychology, and they have been used to persuade people to buy. I could use the same principles to catch women’s attention on dating apps. And get them on a date.

It didn’t happen overnight, and it took still more weeks of testing. 

But after days and nights spent testing different photos, texts, profiles etc, I created a system to get more dates than I could handle. 

In the following month, I dated 16 women and I slept with 9 of them. I was so busy meeting girls that for five days I totally shut off my business phone and stopped answering every email. I couldn’t handle my clients while texting and dating all those girls.