If after reading this short guide you will not get

at least 3 Tinder dates with 3 different girls in 2 weeks,

I’ll give you 200% of the price back

Do you have ten minutes per day to spend on dating apps? And do you live in an area with more than 80’000 people?

Then I can guarantee that by applying the strategies of this short guide, you’ll be able to get at least 3 dates with 3 different girls in the next 2 weeks using Tinder and other dating apps.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an average-looking man. It doesn’t matter if dating apps never worked for you. It doesn’t matter what’s your situation now.

And it works for Tinder, Bumble, Match, and every other dating app you prefer.

If after 2 weeks you don’t get at least 3 dates with 3 different girls that you like, I’ll refund you 200% of the price you paid for it. Yeah, I’ll give you back double the price of it.

If instead you get the dates you want and you’re satisfied with it, you can keep the guide and use its information to start dating quality women and never spend another weekend at home watching Netflix.

These are some of the pics sent by guys that applied the principles of Online Dating Gangster

Are there any catches?

Who am I?

My name is Simon, and honestly, I am just a loser.

For most of my life, I struggled to get any woman. I lost my virginity when I was 21 years old, and at 23, I had slept with only one girl.

After spending 23 years feeling a total failure with girls, I decided to roll up my sleeve and learn female psychology, seduction techniques and every other thing I could take my hands on that would help me to get better with women.

I paid coaches thousands of dollars to teach me to approach and attract women. I have traveled to different cities around the world to apply what I was learning.

And this allowed me to sleep with more women than my father, my grandfather and my great grandfather combined together have ever just met in their lives.

Rio De Janeiro, Bangkok, Rome, Amsterdam, London. I have seduced girls from all over the world.

And I did this without never using a dating app.

Until March 2020, I hated Tinder

I used to think that it was all about looks and that online I couldn’t use the personality that allowed me to sleep with hundreds of girls in real life.

However, when the pandemic took over the world, all the personality that allowed me to be a killer in nightclubs and shopping malls was useless.

Those beautiful angels I used to meet disappeared from the streets. Real-life game was dead and all the action moved online.

Tinder, Bumble, Match. Women couldn’t meet guys in real life, so they invaded these apps. Guys that were already successful with it surfed the wave. While guys like me were left with crumbles.

As much as I hated online dating, I understood that I had only one option: learn the ins and outs of these apps, and get my dating life back.

The same way I went from “zero to hero” in real-life game, I could do the same with dating apps. 

Therefore, I started to study everything I could find. I paid dating coaches that were successful with online dating to learn their strategies. I bought courses (most of them were crap) to learn everything I could.

I did hundreds of tests.

Until I figured out a complete system to turn Tinder, Bumble and the other apps into an endless source of women willing to date you.

I went from hating online game to loving it. It’s more efficient. It can help you get results quickly. And once you figure out what works, you have basically no limits.

During my peak, I was setting up 5 dates per week with beautiful girls I liked. And it was never stopping. There was no shortage of women texting me.

While the quality of women I could meet in real life was better, the number of girls I have been able to meet just by sending messages and swiping left and right has been incredible.

Once I figured the system, getting dates became easy like ordering food on UberEats. 

And I included this whole system in Online Dating Gangster!

How can I guarantee results?

My approach to online dating is based on the psychological principles that pick-up artists use to attract women in real life combined with advertising. 


Yes baby!

Indeed, if you think about it, catching the attention of a woman online is the same job a company has to do to catch the attention of their clients on Facebook or on a newspaper.

There are thousands of guys online. Why should she choose you?

The same is with advertising. Why should a client buy from a company rather than another?

For instance, one strategy here is being polarizing. This works because allows you to differentiate from the mass of men that have the same profiles and it allows you attract a specific target of girls.

This is not the only thing you can do, but here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in Online Dating Gangster:

  • The exact number of pictures to use in order to get her attracted without looking needy or try-hard.
  • Common mistakes made by 80% of men online that destroy their chances of getting a match and how to avoid them.
  • What to write in your profile to make her stop scrolling, differentiate yourself from the pack, and make her feel challenged to the point of being the one that actually texts you.
  • The type of picture that will help you get laid no matter what, but that all men use wrongly.
  • How to craft a first message that she just can’t ignore.
  • The investment theory: What does it mean online and how and when to capitalize on it in order to get her on a date.
  • What to do when she doesn’t answer your messages.
  • 8 tips to take great pictures that increase the sexual market value of every man. Even without hiring a photographer.
  • The two most important pictures you cant allow to mess up.
  • Simple techniques to shot amazing pictures on your own. (Not selfie, those one are like kryptonite for women on dating apps).
  • A secret trick used by models to look more confident and expressive in photos and increase your sexual market value. (This trick is also included in another online dating course that costs 400$.)
  • A closing sequence that will help you get almost any woman on a date (I got this one from a pickup artist I paid $2000 dollars).
  • Dangerous texts women unconsciously send on dating apps to challenge men. This is where most men fuck up their matches but I’ll give you 3 simple tactics to reply to these messages and turn them into advantages.
  • Why you should never ask for her Instagram and what to do instead.
  • Exactly when is the right moment to ask for the date. This is tricky but I’ll explain to you everything you need to know to not burn up your conversation and assure yourself a date.
  • The procedure to wake up your Tinder account. When you create a new account, Tinder blesses you with a lot of new matches and boosted visibility. However, there’s a right process to follow to create a new account otherwise Tinder recognizes it’s you again and you can even risk a ban. This procedure is extremely useful if you’re not getting matches for days.
  • The marketing side of online dating. How to apply basic advertising principles to dating apps and get more women than you’ll be physically able to date.

And more, more strategies to make getting girls online easy like ordering pizza from UberEats. But you’re probably wondering… 

Can this really work for everybody?

Short answer? No!

This information doesn’t work if:

But most importantly, this guide only works if you apply the information it contains.

And these are the critiques from men that applied the principles of the guide:

David, accountant, London

“I was studying game already before meeting you and I was not starting from zero. But this guide gave me a system when it comes to text especially for getting the date. I was never able to capitalize my Tinder matches. But the same day I started applying this stuff, I got 3 fucking dates. Amazing.”

Francisco, entrepreneur, Valencia

“I love you bro! It’s funny because I used to hate Tinder like you. But when I started getting success, I understood that I was missing out on a huge chance. I can say that I am all booked man! I don’t have time to date all the girls I get from Tinder after reading this stuff. I slept with 3 girls this week.”

Giovanni, student, Brescia

“Very nice! I can’t believe you gave away all this stuff for this small price. I feel like I made a steal!”


“I had no clue about meeting girls through these apps. But now women are liking my profile and responding to my messages.”


“I consider myself quite an attractive guy. And I was able to get some dates from Bumble but I know I was missing something and Online Dating Gangster contained exactly the info I needed. I updated my account following your advice and texted according to the structure you provided. I got a date this weekend and I am going to meet her again. In addition, I have three more girls in my phone that want to meet me. There’s no scarcity of girls now in my life.”


“I slept with two girls this month. Both meet through Tinder. This guide helped, but I did well even thanks to all the tips you made me about setting up dates. Before that I couldn’t never turn them into sex”

Corentin, physicist, Paris

“I was one of the people the read Online Dating Gangster before it was released publicly. Simon asked me to be a betatester. And despite I was already quite good with dating apps, this book surprised me. Very well written. I love his no B.S. approach”

Mario, Torino

“Interesting guide for its price. It’s quite short and you can read it in a seat. Slept with a girl the same week.”

Alexander, engineer, Berlin

“Helped me a lot. I finally know what works on dating apps. And why I was getting shitty results”

Joaquín, employee, Albuquerque

“I can finally get matches from Tinder! Thanks Simon”

Jonas, Bergen

“Having a call with Simon and having him breakdown my Tinder profile helped a lot. This guide tho has been a great source of information. I can look at it whenever I have doubts. Great investment”

Emanuel, lawyer

“Quite good information”

Tyler, New Jersey

“You can’t compare this guide to a 2000$ course, but it is still better than a lot of bullshit you find out there.”

George, Austin

“Online Dating Gangster gave me the tools to “make a kill” on dating apps.”

Vladislav, salesman, Saint Petersburg

“I spent a few bucks to buy this guide, but man, I saved thousands of hours I would have had to spend to figure out this stuff on my own. You’re a genius!”

Adill, online marketer, New Delhi

“Great guide, I have always been concerned about my looks. But the tips that Simon gives in the guide really helped me to shot great pictures without even hiring a photographer. Still, I plan to invest in a professional shooting. You gave me hope again in online dating. Thanks a lot”

Hrishikesh, Mumbai

“Simon put together a great resource here”

Nick, student, Austin

“I got more dates in the month after reading Online Dating Gangster than in my whole life. Unfortunately, I am still not good in dates and I need to learn that, but WOW.”