After a 3 months dry-spell, an Italian dude discovered how to apply selling techniques to dating apps to meet so many women you’ll get


This new system takes some time to be implemented, but it works even if you’re ugly short, or desperate

Dear friend,

If you’re struggling to meet women using dating apps, then this page is going to show you a simple trick used by big corporations like Apple and Mercedes that will allow you to turn any dating app into a unstoppable source of beautiful women that want to see you, get into your bed and go out of their way to spend even a minute with you.

Before making these techniques public, I tested them with 20 average-looking guys – some of them even below average. And it didn’t matter that they didn’t have Brad Pitt’s jawline or Bill Gates’s money. They were still able to date and sleep with more women than they ever hoped for in their whole life.

Do you have ten minutes per day? 

Because the guys that spent between 5 and 20 minutes per day on dating apps to implement this system, dated on average 3 different girls every 2 weeks. This method requires some time, but if you can spend 10 minutes to improve your dating life, you could get a date before the weekend. And another date with a different woman the week after. And one more woman in two weeks.

Later, I am also going to reveal two strategies you can try right now to get more women. 

David, UK

“I was studying game already before meeting you and I was not starting from zero. But this guide gave me a system when it comes to text especially for getting the date. I was never able to capitalize my Tinder matches. But the same day I started applying this stuff, I got 3 fucking dates. Amazing.”

Francisco, Spain

“I love you bro! It’s funny because I used to hate Tinder like you. But when I started getting success, I understood that I was missing out on a huge chance. I can say that I am all booked! I don’t have time to date all the girls I get from Tinder after reading this stuff. I slept with 3 girls this week.”

Before applying this system these guys – me included – hated Tinder, Bumble, Match and every other similar apps. I always thought that they were depressing, that there was too much competition. And I had no idea what pictures to use and what to text women.

I always thought that everything was based on looks.

And if you think the same, you might change your idea after understanding how this system works.

Imagine coming back home from your daily job, spending 10 minutes on Tinder or OkCupid, and be able to set up a date for that same night.

If you discovered this system a week ago, probably in this moment there could be a hot woman  next to you, ready to wrap her legs around your body.

You could be so busy managing dates that you wouldn’t have time to meet your friends.

You probably think that this is impossible, I know. But being able to date one woman per week is a very attainable result by leveraging the same strategies that firms like Tesla and Amazon use.

Indeed, the best guys that applied this system, have slept with up to 3 girls in a single week.

Mario, Italy

“Interesting guide for its price. It’s quite short and you can read it in a seat. Slept with a girl the same week.”

Joaquín, USA

“I can finally get matches from Tinder! Thanks James”

Now not everybody will be able to date different woman every week.

It will mostly depend on how much effort you can put in it. And in some cases this system won’t work. Indeed, I’ll tell you now without wasting your time:

 If you live in an area with less than 100’000 inhabitants, this system cannot work. 

Well, it might work, because the principles always apply. But if there aren’t enough woman in your area, then it will be hard to get a date every week.

How can this system help you turn a dating app into a sexual buffet?

What are these strategies that big corporations like Apple and Mercedes apply? And that could revolutionize the way men use dating apps?

It’s advertising!

And it all start with attention.

When these companies must create an advertising campaign, they have to think about new ways to catch people attention. Because nowadays people are bombarded by advertising messages. Indeed, according to digital marketing experts, every person is exposed to 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day. Facebook, Instagram, your favourite blogs. Every digital space you visit today is loaded with tons of ads.

But despite this strong competition, some companies are still successful. There are thousands of phones models on the markets, but still there are hundreds of millions of people that would never use a device that is not an iPhone. Or drink a cola beverage that is not Coke.

Because these companies know the principles to catch people attention. And make them buy. 

By applying the same principles to dating apps, you can make sure that a woman will chose you over the thousands of men on dating sites. 


Well, the problem to overcome is the same in both situations: 

A bloody competition!

Indeed, women every day get hundreds of sexual offers and compliments on dating apps. And if you don’t trust me, create a fake female profile on any dating app, and see how many “hey cutie” or “do you want to hang out” you’ll get.

Yet there’s a way to wipe away this crowd of guys.

Big corporations like Mercedes or Nestlé have spent billions of dollars in the last decades to develop the strategies to catch the attention of customers despite the competition. And you can apply the same principles to stand out among the huge crowd of guys on dating apps. 

And be the one unique guy she’ll like, she’ll text to, and she’ll want to meet. In the same way some people will only use an iPhone. And only drink Coca-Cola.

There’s one difference though: for online dating is way, way, simpler. 

Why? Because all companies know marketing and advertising principles, whereas there are no guys that apply these same principles to online dating.

So, when you are the only man in your area using these techniques, you will stand out like a black stallion in a herd of white sheeps.

And here I am going to reveal 2 simple strategies you can apply right now to get more matches:

It was February 2020, and I was on a beach in Thailand with a woman I had just met. She was an Isreali tourist and she was way outside my league.

She had long hair and a petite body, but her tits were big and firm and her round ass was so beautiful even women turned around to stare at her.

While we were talking, she tells me that her friend from Tel Aviv had to join her in Thailand, but for *some reasons*, her flight got deleted.

Little I knew that the reason was the pandemic that now we are going through. That was just the beginning.

Anyway, that night we ended up having sex on the beach after the sunset. And she moaned so loud that some people rushed toward us and caught us having sex. 

They thought I was raping her!

That was a memorable story. And that’s not even all.

While we were going back to my place by my scooter, she slipped her hand in my pants and started touching my dick. I got so excited that I started driving dangerously fast to get home. 

That night her body become my property. And she enjoyed it.

Fast forward to March 2020, and I was in my home in Italy, in the middle of a lockdown. And the memory of that night n Thailand was the closest thing to sex I was getting.

I spent 3 months without even talking to a woman and I had no idea how to meet a new one.

Months of my life were passing without taking advantage of the best pleasure a men can enjoy:

the scent of a woman, the warmth of her body when she’s next to you in a bed.

I was going crazy.

Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night extremely horny.

And I couldn’t fall asleep again unless I’d… well… take care of myself.

I knew that all the action moved online: On Reddit and other dating forums guys were talking about how easy it had became to get dates using apps thanks to coronavirus. But I didn’t want to try.

I hated Tinder 

I used to think that everything that mattered online was looks, facial features, height and a six pack. Every time I made an account on Tinder or Bumble, it never worked. Barely any girl liked my photos. And the few times it happened, I had no idea what to text them.

If you just say “hi”, they don’t answer because you look boring. If you send long texts you look try-hard. And even if some conversation started, it never turned into a date or a number.

I knew that trying these apps would have destroyed my self-esteem. So, I didn’t even think about it.

But one day I started to feel pain deep in my ass. I thought it was hemorrhoids. But when I went to the doctor… he asked me to bend over…

… he stuck a finger in my ass, and told me that I nedded to have sex, because the lack of sexual activity was causing a prostate enlargement.

Not me, but kinda what happened that day.

Even my organism was sending me signals that I had to get “some”.

That was a sad moment of my life. A 60 years old man was telling me that I hade to “make some love”.

So, I went home and decided to do something.

I had to do the one thing that I avoided until that time: download a dating app and start meeting women.

So, I downloaded Tinder, Bumble and Badoo, selected some pics from my trip in Thailand, and started to be active.

I got some matches, but nothing interesting. Yet I didn’t give up. I tried to change pictures, change the bio and come up with a creative first messages.

Still nothing.

I was getting few matches. But the few conversations I started didn’t go anywhere. The idea of spending three more months without even talking to a woman penetrated my mind again.

I deleted the app, downloaded it again, and made a new profile. But zero. Apart from that initial boost of having a new profile, nothing was moving. I was depressed. Why women didn’t like my pictures? Were my texts so boring? What the fuck was I doing wrong?

So, I did one thing that you do when you are a business:  

you start studying competitors. I made a fake female profile and started using the app. And I realized why I wasn’t getting results: In one day I got more than 100 matches. And I didn’t even use the pictures of a hot woman.

I understood of woman feel on dating apps

Every girl on dating apps

Then I looked at the pictures of these guys, and they all looked the same. 

Pictures of them travelling in famous places. Selfies, photo in the gyms. And everybody was sending with the same, sad flirting lines copy/pasted from Google. To not talk about the countless men that texted me saying “hey”.

So, I tried to buy some courses that promise you to get all the women you want on dating apps. I also spent more than $10’000 on dating coaches. But they were all saying the same bullshit. They just reformulated again and again the same stuff everybody was pitching.

Same texting messages. Same photos. Same routines that stops working the moment the woman replies in a different way than the dating “guru” planned.

And I understood that I had very few chances to be successful. That I had to wait that the end of the pandemic to see again a woman.

But then one day, while I was creating an advertising campaign for a client I understood that I could use those techniques to dating apps

I only had to be different. I only had to show something that other men were not showing. I had to have a unique message, a unique look. After all, I had to do on Tinder the same things I was doing for my clients to help them get sales.

So I went home and tried a test – I suggest you doing the same.

I tried to use Tinder in a different city. In a city were men were totally different than me. 

I am Italian, I kinda have an exotic vibe, dark skin and brown eyes and hair. So, I thought, let’s try how I do in a place where men are the opposite of me. Let’s try to use Tinder in Noway, where men are blond, skinny, and have a nordic vibe.


I got 5 matches in the first hour

 And they kept coming.

Imagine a blonde Norwegian woman. She opens Tinder and start scrolling. She sees all these pale, blonde, guys with nordic facial features.

And suddenly she sees me. Totally the opposite of a Norwegian man. She stops immediately like she saw an alien. That’s unusual. So I get her attention. She watches my other photos, read the bio that have been crafted to generate her curiosity. And if I did a good job, she’ll hit likes.

It’s a match!

I felt like I discovered the glory hail. But there was a problem…

I didn’t live in Norway. 

How the fuck could I do?

I had to find a way to help me differentiate from the pack. So, I kept testing different photos, bios, and first texts, until I found what worked and what didn’t. I used the advertising techniques that I was applying to the businesses of my clients.

And man… it was fucking working. 

For instance, I tested having the first picture in black and white. I didn’t think it could work. But to my surprise, I started getting up to 10 matches per day using a black and white photo as first picture.

It was a good picture already. I just changed the tonality and started getting ton of matches. This because nobody uses black and white photos on dating sites. Hence, when a girl sees that, it catches her attention.

I was getting matches. I was getting dates. But I wanted to understand if this system could work even for other guys.

And I shared it with my some of my friends. They couldn’t believe how simple but how powerful this new approach was. One of them was already getting results on Tinder, but after applying this method, the women he’s been able to bang multiplied.


Despite being in a quarantine, we were getting ton of matches. We were dating more women than most of men were able to date during normal times.

One day, I had a match with a girl in the morning. And that same evening she was at my place. She was a policewoman, and while she had to be tough in her daily job, when she was in my bed she acted like a docile girl craving to be dominated. 

Anyway, after testing that system with me and my friends, I decided to put everything into this guide, called Online Dating Gangster. 

I included all the advertising principles I applied to get laid using dating apps. And I added everything I learned in the last eight months.

It doesn’t matter if you are short, bald, or you have no idea what to text girls.

It doesn’t matter if dating apps never worked for you.

This method can help you get a date with a different girl every week. And following, you’’ll understand exactly what’s in it and why it works.

Joseph, Argentina

“I had no clue about meeting girls through these apps. But now women are liking my profile and responding to my messages.”

Alexander, Germany

“Helped me a lot. I finally know what works on dating apps. And why I was getting shitty results”

How Online Dating Gangster can help almost every man get laid with a different girl every week

✔️ How to create a first message that women cannot ignore using the same technique the New York Times implement to craft the headlines of their articles in the first page.  I used this method to create a message that has an 87% response rate. I’ll never reveal this message. But this method will show you how to always have a way to start a conversation online. The lines you create can also be used for social media or with girls you meet in real life.

⭕ Advertising principles used by big corporations to create a profile that makes women stop scrolling, read your bio and hit like. Imagine you’d use the same powerful tactics to attract women that Apple or Coca Cola use to make millions of dollars in sales. And you can use this power to bring hot women into your life, without leaving your living room. You’ll never have to spend a weekend alone.

✔️The type of picture that will help you get laid with the hotter women in your area. This pic is already used by many guys, but they do it all wrong.  When you can use this pic in the right way, women way out of your league will like you. There’s a scientific reason why this kind of picture works, and it’s even used by big tech companies like Amazon to persuade customers. This is a trick the women’s brain can’t ignore and will make them almost anxious to meet you.

A secret trick used by some professional models to add 2-3 points – on a scale of 10 – to your sexual market value. I learned this trick from a professional photographer and it requires no money, tools, or knowledge about photography. Just 2,3 minutes of practice. And can make every man look more confident and expressive. If you’re a 5, just by applying this trick, you can become a 7. And hence, attract much hotter women, without changing anything else about you, your face, or your profile.

✔️ How to make a woman think she’s the one chasing you, so she’ll be the one that asks for your number or even asks for a date.  Imagine if she’s the one texting you, flirting with you, making questions and doing all the work to get you on a date, get on her knees for you and even spend the morning after with you.

Simple tricks to shoot great-looking pictures on your own – not selfies, these are like kryptonite on dating apps. Some of these tricks require the use of tools (not more expensive than 20$). But I’ll explain to you exactly how to look more attractive, even if you’re an average-looking guy. These are the same tricks that Instagram influencers use to look hotter in photos and gain up to 500k followers. You’ll use these techniques to look more attractive – without looking like a different person. You can also use these pictures for social media and look much more attractive even for the girls that already know you.

✔️ 8 tips to shot better pictures and increase your sexual market value by up to 2 points. This about how to dress, what poses to use, what kind of angle makes you look more attractive, and so on.

A psychological trick to make your pictures more emotional. You can use this to communicate any emotion you want to the woman that checks the picture, even a sexual vibe. And this is something that you should use in EVERY photo if you want to increase your power on dating apps. Honestly, before applying this technique, I looked dead boring in photos. But this little twist can make your pictures emanate emotions that will catch her attention. Being able to communicate emotion, for women, is more important than looking good.

✔️ Where to get a professional shooting for under $40 and have 10-15 amazing pictures to test on dating apps – Works only for biggest cities.

Vladislav, Russia

“I spent a few bucks to buy this guide, but man, I saved thousands of hours I would have had to spend to figure out this stuff on my own. You’re a genius!”

And this is just the first part of the course, here’s what else you’ll find in Online Dating Gangster

Exactly what to text her when she ignores your message: This will hardly happen if you follow my texting structure. But if it does, I’ll tell you exactly what to text her so she will also feel guilty of not answering you, and you can actually flip the script, so she becomes the one chasing you and trying to nurture the conversation.

✔️ Exactly what to write in your bio to make her stop swiping and set yourself apart from the thousands of men on dating apps. And a single trick to make her feel so challenged to the point that she’s the one to start the conversations with you.     

Common mistakes made by 85% of men that destroy their chances of getting matches. I helped many men to increase their dating apps profiles, and I never found one that didn’t make at least one of these dangerous mistakes. Just by avoiding these errors, you can increase your chances of meeting more women, without changing anything else in your profile.

✔️Why you should never ask for her Instagram or Facebook (unless in some particular cases), especially if your social media profile is not optimized for dating. I’ll explain you what to do instead.

Exactly when to ask for the date: Do you ever ask yourself if it’s too early or too late to ask for a date? I’ll explain to you what is the Investment Theory, so you will understand exactly where you’re in the interaction and what you need to do: send more messages to make her more engaged, tease the shit out of her or start asking for a date.

✔️ How to multiply your chances of getting a match. This only works only if you’re already getting dates. If so, you could be getting 4 or even 5 more dates than you’re already getting now. You don’t have to edit anything. You just have to do some initial work, and if now you’re getting one date per month, just by implementing this trick, you could be getting even 4 dates the next month.

James, Australia

“I consider myself quite an attractive guy. And I was able to get some dates from Bumble but I know I was missing something and Online Dating Gangster contained exactly the info I needed. I updated my account following your advice and texted according to the structure you provided. I got a date this weekend and I am going to meet her again. In addition, I have three more girls in my phone that want to meet me. There’s no scarcity of girls now in my life.”

The closing sequence that will turn almost every conversation into a date: if you combine this sequence with the previous point, you’ll be able to turn every conversation you have with a girl into a date with her. You’ll never shot in the dark again. And you’ll never get a no as an answer. I honestly paid a dating coach 2000$ to discover this sequence. And it can be applied to conversations on dating apps as well as social media or normal conversations with women met in real life.

✔️ How to multiply your chances of getting a match. This only works only if you’re already getting dates. If so, you could be getting 4 or even 5 more dates than you’re already getting now. You don’t have to edit anything. You just have to do some initial work, and if now you’re getting one date per month, just by implementing this trick, you could be getting even 4 dates the next month.

The two most important pictures of your profile. Women spend most of the time looking at these two pictures, so you should never mess them up if you want her to like you.

✔️ How to avoid the dangerous texts women unconsciously send to challenge men and put them in the corner. They usually come up as innocent questions or teasings but if you fail to answer them, she’ll never answer you back. Most men are not even able to recognize these texts. But when you can and you know how to answer them back, you’ll get very close to a date with her.

How to manipulate dating apps’ algorithms to give you up to 3x more matches with women without changing anything else in your profile. 

✔️ The procedure to wake up your Tinder account. This is extremely useful when you already used Tinder and got poor results. When this happens, the algorithm of Tinder, and every other dating app, identifies your account as a low-quality one. And it only shows you to the low-quality girls. Not just that. The algorithm will also put your profile in the last results. Basically, it’s like your account is on page 20 of Google: nobody will never see it. You can delete and make a new profile. However, Tinder (and other apps) will recognize it’s you because they gather data about you. But I’ll show you a tested and safe process to revive your account and get your profile shown to the hottest girls, and in the first position.

Matt, USA

“I slept with two girls this month. Both meet through Tinder. This guide helped, but I did well even thanks to all the tips you made me about setting up dates. Before that I couldn’t never turn them into sex”

And this system is ridiculously inexpensive

There are many guys I respect – and that are freaking good with women – that told me I should charge “guru prices” for this program. That I could easily ask $500 for Online Dating Gangster. 

But I know how hard online dating can be, and I want to keep the price low. So it’s an absolute no brainer for any guy that wants to get more women in his life to get this product. When you’ll start meeting 2,3 different woman in a week, you’ll think that I am dumb for giving Online Dating Gangster away for such a low price. 

If you wanted to hire me to help with your online dating, you’d have to shell out a minimum $800 fee. 

And that’s very far from the $37 investment to get Online Dating Gangster.

You’re basically investing the equivalent of a dinner out to learn a skill that will be useful in your life forever: 

  • Every time you’ll want to get a date, you’ll just have to be more active on any given dating app.
  • You can create an harem of 5-6 girls you meet on rotation so you’ll never have to spend an evening watching Netflix. Or you if like Netflix, you watch it together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • If you’ll go on holiday in some places, you would be able to arrange a date even before you get to the destination. You’ll basically have women around the world waiting for you!
  • You can use the new girls you meet to set up dates for your friends and have a double date together. Or you could teach your friend how you do it.

I think this is worth more than $37. And if you agree, you can get Online Dating Gangster here:

You can earn money

Online Dating Gangster will make it disgustingly easy for you to meet and attract women using dating apps. And I believe so much in this system, that I put a 200% price guarantee on it. Indeed, if Online Dating Gangster does not allow you to date 4 different girls in the next 4 weeks,

I’ll give you back double the price.

Exactly, just shot me a message on Whatsapp or  +393533641506 or an email to james@superior-man.com. And I’ll give you back 200% of the price.

This is warranty is worth 12 months. 

But to get double the price back, you have to prove that you tried to apply the information contained in the guide. For example, you can send me a screenshot of your Tinder profile or some conversations you had with girls.

I don’t want to make this process complicated, because it’s a waste of time even for me to control that who asks the guarantee is legitimately having issues. But I have to do this in order to protect myself from scammers.

Corentin, France

“I was one of the people the read Online Dating Gangster before it was released publicly. James asked me to be a betatester. And despite I was already quite good with dating apps, this book surprised me. Very well written and amazing information. I love his no B.S. approach”

Guarantee n°2

I want to remove any possible risk off your shoulder. I can do it because Online Dating Gangster produce damned good results  and those guys above are one of the proof.

I am actually so cocky and confident (women like these type of guys), that I have two guarantees.

In case you don’t like it or you think there’s better out there (ah ah!), you have 60 days to text me and I’ll refund you the price without asking any questions. You don’t have to prove anything. Just send an email to james@superior-man.com

Or text me on WhatsApp to the number +393533641506.

As long as you request a refund within the 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee window, you can rest assured there’ll be no quibbling about a refund if you’re anything less than ecstatic about the program.

The worst that can happen if you try out the program is that you’ve paid nothing to discover what it takes to get laid with dozens of women using dating apps.

Fair enough?

Nick, USA

“I got more dates in the month after reading Online Dating Gangster than in my whole life. Unfortunately, I am still not good in dates and I need to learn that, but WOW.”

Adill, India

“Great guide, I have always been concerned about my looks. But the strategies that James gives in the guide really helped me to shot great pictures without even hiring a photographer. Still, I plan to invest in a professional shooting. You gave me hope again in online dating. Thanks a lot”

Emanuel, UK

“Quite good information”

Hrishikesh, India

“James created something amazing”

FREE BONUS: Turning a date into sex

(Some men will get Online Dating Gangster just for this)

Some of the guys that initially tested Online Dating Gangster before I made it public, told me that they were able to get many dates thanks to this method, but they were not able to turn these dates into sex.

While honing this product, I had an amazing experience that can be very useful to a understand how to turn a date into sex. Indeed, I had a date with a 19 years old virgin. And I had sex with her on the first date. This happened during the lockdown, without alcohol, bars and a 10pm curfew.

I broke down the whole evening so you’ll understand what you need to do to get “inside her” on the first date.

On average, out of 10 dates that I have, usually 7/8 end up in my bed. And the other 3 turn into sex on the second or third date. This is not casual. This happens because I know exactly what to do to make her horny, and eliminate any social constraints that make her feel guilty for having sex on the first date.

And I’ll tell you exactly how I do it.

Jonas, Norway

“Having a call with James and having him breakdown my Tinder profile helped a lot. This guide tho has been a great source of information. I can look at it whenever I have doubts. Great investment”

What happens if you just leave this page?

I don’t want to sound like a used cars salesman…

… so, if you are not ready to invest $37 to get Online Dating Gangster, it’s fine. I don’t want to put any pressure on you to buy. You do you. 

But I want to make you a question: What’s the alternative? What are you going to do?

Keep sending the same texts copy/pasted from Google? 

Going on Reddit to ask some keyboard warriors why you don’t get dates? 

Or just keep shooting in the dark when it’s the time to chose a pic for your profile?

Then go on, and just leave this page.

Or maybe…

Maybe you are ready to learn a system that will multiplies the amount of women you can meet in a week. A system based on principles that corporations have been using for decades to persuade clients and make billions of dollars in sales.. A system that now some guys are using to date 6, sometimes 7 women in a month.

It will get harder and harder to get laid using dating apps. Because the competition grows every day. If you didn’t hear it, Bumble recently got quoted on the New York Stock market. They’re gaining so many users that they went public.

And users will keep growing in the next months, and it will get still harder. Today is more important than ever to have a proven system to get women using the internet. And you can get one right now.

Again, there’s absolutely no risk for you. You can check it, and if you don’t like it, I’ll refund you the whole price instantly. And if you apply it, and you don’t get 4 dates with 4 different women in the first 4 weeks, I’ll give you back 200% of the price.

You can decide.

How to order Online Dating Gangster:

1) Click the button below.

2) You can choose the express checkout to pay with a credit or debit card. Or you can use PayPal. 

  • If you use PayPal, type your main email (the one where II’ll send you the product, NOT the PayPal email) and click on “Pay”. You’ll be redirected to your PayPal account
  • If you want to pay with a credit or debit card, just type in your email and your card information. Then click on “Pay”

3) After the payment, you will receive an email from me in the next 5 minutes containing the access details to Online Dating Gangster. If you don’t, check the spam folder.

For every question, you can send me an email or text me on WhatsApp. Here are my contact details:

Email: james@superior-man.com

Mobile: +39 3533641506

Maybe you’re wondering…

I am too old, I am ugly, I am not rich. Can this still work?

Hell yes! 

Being naturally beautiful is an advantage online. But you have no idea of how many hot guys still miserably fail on dating apps because they don’t know how it works, what pictures to choose, what messages to send. They don’t understand that online dating is totally different than meeting women in real life. 

Anyway, when you apply the system contained on Online Dating Gangster you won’t have to compete on beauty. I’ll show the characteristics, that go beyond looks, that women look for in a guy. You’ll understand how to hit straight into their emotional brain. So, they’ll notice you over any other ripped Chad with blue eyes and model-like facial features.

Having said that, in Online Dating Gangster you’ll find different strategies to look better in pictures. The same secrets used by models and influencers. Without having to look a different person than you are. If you’re a 4, I’ll show you exactly how to look like a 7. 

I live in a small town, can this work?

The problem is not that the system I explain in Online Dating Gangster doesn’t work in small towns. The problem is that there won’t be enough girls in your area. You’ll definitely get more results than you’re getting now. But if you live in an area with less than 100’000 inhabitants, I can’t guarantee huge results.

Does this work for social media?

The texting structure I provide can be helpful to text girls on social media that you already now. And you can use some of the techniques to shot amazing photos for social media. 

But the system contained in Online Dating Gangster has been thought exclusively for dating apps.

Does this work everywhere?

As I said already, I can guarantee the effectiveness of this system only when applied in areas with more than 100’000 inhabitants.

But if you’re wondering if this system works everywhere, despite cultural and traditional characteristics of your country, then no.

Does it work in Europe? Yes

Does it work in the USA? Fuck yes

Does it work in India? Of course.

Does it work in South America? Sure

Does it work in Australia? Yes

It works every fucking where.

As long as you live in a country where religion and social traditions do not heavily condition relationships, then yes, this system works. And it works fucking well.

If you’re scared that women in your country are not open minded, well, some Indian guys applied this system and it worked.

I am not from Las Vegas or Rio De Janeiro. I developed this system when I was living in the South of Italy, where women are closed minded, hardly have one night stands. And they mostly think about settling down with a guy.

Hence, I guess this is enough proof… 

What kind of women will I be able to meet?

If you follow everything Online Dating Gangster includes, you’ll be able to create a constant flux of new cute girls willing to see you in real life.

If you have the skills to meet and seduce women in real life, the quality of women you meet in the street or clubs is higher. Honestly, the quality of girls I have been able to sleep with through real life game, has been better than dating apps. But the quantity of girls you can meet through dating apps is much, much higher. You have basically no limits, you can text with 20 girls per time. You can’t do this in real life.

And it is much easier than in reality. What I mean here you’ll meet tons of cute girls (7s and 8s), and every now and then you can meet a goddess. 

Does this work for different dating apps?

Sure this works for different apps. Indeed, I encourage you to apply this system to as many dating sites as possible to multiply your chances of getting laid. 

When will I be able to get results?

It really depend on where you’re starting. For instance, if you already have some good pictures in your phone, it will be easier. In any case, if you follow the 7 day plan, you could get the first date even in 5 days from today.

How is the course delivered?

Online Dating Gangster is in electronic format, so you’ll get it instantly and you can access it from every device. You can read it in a sitting and start getting results the day after.

It’s a written guide and it contains examples of profiles, photos, and conversations.

You can excess it from every device.

How long does it take to go through the whole course?

You can follow your own course. You can go through it in a single sit. Or you can complete it in a month.  In any case, I recommend you to go through it different times. Because every time you’ll discover a new perspective that will help you get more dates.

I also suggest you to copy/paste the opener formulas on your smartphone so you’ll always have access to them.

What if I have more questions? Or I need support?

Shot me an email at james@superior-man.com. Or text me on WhatsApp. The number is:

+39 3533641506

Don’t you go out of business if you offer a double the price guarantee?

This would happen if Online Dating Gangster was crap.

But it isn’t. Indeed, 92% of men that bought it this time, got the results I promised.  Only 8% of men that bought Online Dating Gangster asked for a refund so far.

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