Imagine yourself in a club, hitting on Cristiano Ronaldo’s woman, and bringing her home

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Do you know that there are some guys that leverage some biological principles that could allow you to get the same quantity of hot women that individuals like Cristiano Ronaldo or Leonardo Di Caprio can access?

And, if you’d take enough time to learn how to leverage these principles, you could do the same.

Actually, you don’t even need to get to that kind of lòevel to find a woman that can be a potential partner for your life. Or, if you wish, to sleep with a number of women that go beyond your most disgusting dreams.

If you spent some time in your life, to learn these skills, you would become that guy that every night that goes to a club, come back with a girl. Or with the number of a woman that is looking forward to wrapping her legs around him.

Well, actually, hitting on Cristiano Ronaldo’s girl wouldn’t be so nice, even though she’s hot AF. But you could definitely be able to meet these kinds of women and attract them. And this is what guys like Neil Strauss or Erin Von Morkovyk (Mystery) did for years.

They’re not the only ones. 

How long time it will take to you to this level comes down to one question:

How much are you worth on the market?

If you were a piece of meat for sale in the market, how much was your value?

Obviously, the higher the value, the more chicks in line to buy.

But do you know how you stack up against the competition?

This question might seem superficial. But your sexual market value is what influences your result. The higher your sexual market value, the more women will feel attracted to you. And the beauty of self-improvement is that you can dramatically increase your sexual market value if you put enough effort into it.

But to do that, you must first understand what are the elements that define it. Otherwise, you won’t know in which areas you have to work. What are your strengths to leverage? And the weakness to turn into strengths.

Let’s get more scientific and define your sexual market value. 

What elements do women use to judge your reproduction and survival value?

This is not stuff that I invented. This is based on evolutionary biology. These principles are based on human behavior and they were created in the deepest areas of our brain when we were still cavemen. 

And that’s how the average Joe can get more woman that is biologically possible to him: by leveraging these attraction shifts hard-wired in the human brain.

Let’s get into it.


These are linked to your physical appearance. Some of them can be changed. For instance, you do LASIK and you gain some points by not wearing nerdy glasses. Or you hit the gym and get a six-pack and biceps.

I encourage you to improve in these areas, as long is something you can change: get in shape, get a nice haircut. But for the things that you can’t change, don’t worry at all.

Even if you lack points here, don’t worry, because there’s so much room for improvement in other elements. And these are also the ones that will influence less on your dating success.

Looks: Your facial features, six pack. Being bald vs having thick hair. Something here can be improved. Like getting a haircut that suits your face. Working out helps. The next level is surgery. But I discourage this and invest that money and time in other areas.

Height: Yes, women like tall guys. I am 5’6 tho and I can still be dangerous. Neil Strauss, one of the most famous seducers of history and the man that basically started the dating industry is 5’5. There are other examples of shrt guys that were considered unstoppable seducers or sex symbols. But that’s because the other areas of their life were on point: Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Tom Cruise, Kanye West, Bruno Mars. And the list goes on and on. Hence, if you’re short, don’t make a big deal of it.

Race: Yeah, race matters, sorry. An Indian will have a lower sexual market value than an Australian. But don’t let this stop you. As always there are other areas of improvement. PS: This is one of the few fixed characteristics that I have positive: I am Italian. And almost any woman I met in the world has this story in the back of her head that Italian men are charming, natural seducers and they’re good in bed. Sometimes this also backfired as girls labelled me as a fuckboy just because I was Italian. That’s also a shit test sometime, but well, I know how to pass them.

IQ: Your IQ influences your social intelligence. When you’re dumb you won’t understand the social dynamics around you. And as a result, you’ll look awkward.  It will be hard to calibrate to the social dynamics around you. And this is where finally the nerd will have an advantage over the highschool dumb bull.

Age: According to the periods of their life, girls will be attracted to men from different age ranges. Usually the best age is between 28-33. Because you look young but have enough experience (See the point about experience below.)


These are factors that have to do with your role in society and how you relate with people around you.

These elements are more powerful than the previous one. And you’ll understand why a short guy like Bruno Mars will have sex with way much more girls than an anonymous 6 foot stallion with Brad Pitt’s jaw and Chris Evan’s abs.

Money: Yes, you can attract women with money. But you’ll attract the wrong kind of women: Gold diggers. However, there are two ways to use money. One is to blatantly use it to attract women, by taking them to Dubai, showing pics in your Lambo or buying them Cartier jewelry. 

This is in my opinion a negative way to attract women. If you have money, you should use it, but not to buy women. Otherwise, you’ll only attract gold diggers that will stay with you only for your wallet. And will drop you as soon as she’ll find a dude with a bigger bank account.

This hasn’t really to do with sexual market value. But I like to use the money to access better environments with more and hotter women. For instance, you can move from the countryside to the city center. You can move from a tier 3 city, like Dublin, to an elite one, like Miami.

You can go on holiday to hot spots like Latin America. Or wherever there are the kinds of women you like. If you like Asians, you can go to Tokyo if you have the money to get there.

And you can access elite clubs where you can meet top models, businesswomen, or whatever you want. You don’t really need this to meet quality girls, but if you can, why not?

Status: What’s your position in society? Status is related to a specific environment as well. In your office, your 60 years old fat boss has social status. But in a gym, the personal trainer has more status than that fat boss. Status is much more powerful than money. And it’s what helps celebrities get laid easily: soccer players, actors, DJs. They get laid easily because they have social status. Your job isn’t the only way to gain social status. Being the leader of a group of friends gives you status as well.

Status basically comes down to being the leader of a social group. Be it your college fraternity, the boy scouts, or a charity association.

And status is relevant to the archetype of woman you want to attract.

If you’re the leader of a political group, for instance, your status will be relevant to women interested/involved in that political group. The fact that you’re the leader of some sort of groups, will still pump up your social market value. But for a party girl looking for a one night stand, the DJ will have more status than a political leader.

Social proof: How many girls you have slept with, and how many girls show interest in you in a certain moment. For instance, you enter a bar, and the sexy barmaid cheers you and hugs you. For women around, that will be a social proof sign. And a very positive one. If a hot girl likes you, or at least is friendly with you, it means you got something valuable. The same thing as when you buy something on Amazon and you see tons of positive reviews.


These are the elements that you can learn. This is mostly what we do here at Superior Man. These elements are the reason why some guys that don’t have Cristiano Ronaldo’s status and social proof, will sleep with much more girls than him.

Obviously, in a VIP club in Ibiza, Cristiano Ronaldo will still kick the ass of the guy that increased his (beyond what is biologically possible) sexual value with skills he learned. But that guy will kick the ass of all the other men that have no game.

Taken in the shopping street of a city or in an ordinary nightclub, this guy is dangerous. And will have much more opportunities to sleep with hot beautiful women than biology has predicted for him. It doesn’t matter how tall he is or how big his bank account is.

This dude will go to any city and have more sexual experiences than the average Joe could ever imagine of.

This guy can be you. This guy can be me. And all the other people that read Superior Man. So, give me your attention for 5 minutes, because you’re going to discover how to be that guy.

Social intelligence: This is about knowing how to start a conversation with a stranger without looking awkward. This is knowing if it’s the right moment to ask the number of a person. This is knowing how to behave in a group of people. This is about entering a room full of people in total anonymity and owning that room after an hour. How do you become more socially intelligent? By going out, interacting with people. By practicing the game.

Social proof: I included this here again. Because there’s social proof that’s shown natural. Like the waitress that cheers you. But there are also ways you can show social proof even when there is no other woman around. And that’s done with solid verbal game. I teach a lot of this in my newsletter. And this is probably the most important skill you can learn.

Knowing how to play the dance of seduction: 60% of the girls that slept with me said that they decided to date me because I know of to flirt. Being charming, challenging, teasing the girls., All these things show the girl that you got that juice. And this massively increases your sexual market value.

Charisma: Men that are able to draw other people toward themselves and be able to lead them and influence them have a very easy life with women. Women love these kinds of men because they’re more likely to have a higher status. (Check above). Charisma is a skill that can be learned.

Be a man: This looks superficial. But it’s very hard to do it in real life. Holding your male frame and being able to smoothly lead the interaction forward is a big demonstration of value. Women want to be taken. Learn to lead them subtly so they end up in your bed without even noticing it. They want to feel it like it just happened. And you must learn to do it.

Experience: Travel, life stories, crazy experience. Women feel attracted to men that have the experience, who have lived their life. Live your life on the edge, take risks, avoid your comfort zone like a cat avoid water. That’s how you build experience.

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