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Who’s this for?

If you haven’t realized yet, our time on earth is limited. And if you’re not living up to your full potential, you’re wasting your time here. In this case, this newsletter is not for you!

The Superior Man newsletter is for men who want to live their life to the fullest. And a strong body combined with a healthy mind are the supporting columns of a satisfying and worthy existence.

You can’t go far with a weak body and a lame mind.

But the Superior Man newsletter will help you to go far!

What’s the Superior Man?

Imagine waking up in the morning rested and full of energy. Your eyes open at the exact time you planned, without an alarm clock.

You are ready to take on another day. 

In your bed there’s a woman you like. The one you chose, not the one you settled for.

Your body allows you to go through the day without energy pitfalls.

You never feel tired.

If you have to work 12 hours today to achieve your goals, you can do it. If you have to do it again tomorrow, you can do it.

And at the end of the day, you will still have the energy to hit your workout. Or to join your friends for a social activity.

Your mind doesn’t fool you, it stays focused. Because you keep your body healthy. You feed it with the right food. You train it.

And in exchange, it helps you to reach your full potential.

When you go out, you walk confidently in every way. Guys and gals smile at you.

Men and women want to hang out with you because of your strong presence and high energy.

Business partners and coworkers want to collaborate with you.

This is the Superior Man.

It’s not about a six-pack to show on Instagram. 

It’s about living your life to your full potential. A life with purpose. A life that you enjoy living. 

And you can’t do that with a weak body and a messy mind.

Imagine being the CEO of Amazon. Tonight you go to sleep, but you can’t. Your stomach is tormenting because you have been eating unhealthy shit for the whole week. Thus, tomorrow morning you wake up tired. With a fuzzy mind.

You go to your office but you don’t have the energy to go through your daily tasks. You have to make decisions, but you can’t. Because your mind is confused for the lack of sleep.

Now, look at the real CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos:

He could replace Vin Diesel in a Fast and Furious movie, don’t you think so?

This is exactly the goal of this newsletter. (Not making you bald like Vin Diesel)

But supporting you to make the right decisions for your body and your mind.

If you can achieve victory over your body, you can achieve victory in the world.

Who am I? And why should you read this newsletter?

Yeah I know, I am just a stranger for you. And your mom probably told you to not give your email address to strangers.

Fair enough…

Let’s have a formal “get to know each other” moment. 

My name is Simone, and I am from Italy.

For years I struggled to lose weight.

For years I struggled with gaining muscles.

For years I tried every trick in the book to reach my best fitness level, to increase my energy, my sexual drive and my mental focus.

In the end, I reached my fitness goals.

But it was much more than just having a six-pack or biceps.

Realizing that I could change my body, made me understand that with enough effort I could change any other area of my life as well.

This is what fitness is really about.

But I can still see people that fail to lose 4 kilograms or gaining muscles.

This is because they are not informed.

They don’t know where to start and sometimes they enter gyms where they meet self-proclaimed experts that end up messing their minds.

I am not an expert. And I will not try to sell a get-shredded-fast course because I don’t have any.

I will only share realistic information that you need to change your body.

Not information that I invented. Information proven by scientists. Based on studies and research. 

If you haven’t reached your goals so far, it’s because you missed the right information. Or missed a buddy like me that sends you emails to push you to move your fucking ass.

I believe in taking care of our body

And I believe that what happened to me can happen to anyone. 

When you discover that you have the power to change your body, you understand that you can change every other area of your life.

Career, relationships, income, social circle or your Call of Duty score.

And Superior Man is exactly about this.

I give you the tools to achieve your own fitness goals.

But you have to put in some effort.

If you like the deal, you can start here:

We don’t sell your data and never will.

If you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe at any time. No hard feelings 🙂