FREE GUIDE unveils 30 strategies used by Calvin Klein models to melt away fat and naturally reduce appetite

My name is Simone and the first thing you should know about me is that I am not a doctor. 

I didn’t study nutrition nor attended any dieting classes at university.

The only thing I can say is that I am a fat-loss expert because I struggled with it all my life. 

This brought me to study and research everything about health, fitness, and how this impacts our life. And I share all this information in Superior Man, a health newsletter for men.

This guide is a result of one of my research.

Here’s the story…

This summer, on the day of my 26th birthday I woke up with a terrible feeling.

I felt that time was passing away and I wasn’t living my life up to my full potential. I felt that I had to do something to get out of my comfort zone.

So I decided to move to Barcelona.

Changing environment has always been a great move for my mood and mindset.

So, despite a global pandemic affecting our planet, I packed all my life in a 20 kilograms suitcase, bought a Ryanair ticket and moved into a new apartment in the sunny capital of Catalunya. 

And that’s where I met Carter, my landlord.

I discovered that Carter was a very talkative person, probably too much. 

But I also discovered that we both lived most of our lives with a similar purpose:

Melt away fat off our bodies.

Indeed, Carter was a model before working in real estate. And walked the catwalks for fashion brands of the likes of Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and so on.

And now, despite being 47 years old, he is still ripped. Probably his shape is better than many fitness influencers you see on Instagram.

And as you might know, staying in shape for a model is extremely important.

Their jobs depend on their shape

If they show up for a photoshoot with an extra pound, the camera will pick it and magnify it. And they will lose their jobs.

For this reason, I always thought that models know some secrets or use some dark strategies to stay lean for years. 

That’s why when I discovered that Carter was a model, I decided I had to pick his brain and discover every fat-loss tactic he and his colleagues have been using for years to stay fit.

That was a chance I couldn’t miss. I wanted to discover his stay-lean secrets and I wanted to share them with the readers of Superior Man.

Therefore, I asked him to do a small interview and unveil everything he knew about weight loss.

And in this report, you’ll find everything he revealed in the interview such as:

◼️ Why some models systematically avoid training machines in the gym, and the exercise they do to burn much more calories than a lat machine.

Exactly when one should train to boost metabolism.

◼️ Why you should eat only 2 different meals for lunch to make sure you lose weight. Over and over and over.

The “half-plate system” to reduce the calorie intake of every meal.

◼️ What’s the most popular type of meat consumed by gym people? Chicken, right? Here’s the kind of meat that has the same protein and calories as chicken, but contains a specific kind of fat that helps the human body to burn fat.

The most filling but low calories food that makes people forget pasta and other tasty food.

◼️ Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Wrong, especially to lose fat and live longer.

Why one should voluntarily screw up his diet to melt away more fat.

◼️ Do you drink cocktails when you go out? Here you’ll find the cocktails models like David Gandi drink to keep a chiseled body.

Why meditation helps models eat the exact food they need for their catwalk shape.

◼️ “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym”. Ever heard this saying? That’s not really true. The guide shows  “where abs are truly made”.

Restaurants, Starbucks, parties: What to do during social events to not screw up your diet.

◼️ The correct ways to eat food like ice cream, lasagna or tacos without gaining weight. And why it’s actually necessary to eat junk food to stay lean year round.

Why food in grocery stores labeled as  ‘fat-free,’ ‘gluten-free,’ or ‘sugar-free’ is stopping people from losing weight.

◼️ How the most popular diets are lowering testosterone levels in men, destroying their masculine energy. And what they should do.

And all this information is compressed into a small e-book that you can read in 20 minutes.

There is more tho.

After recording this conversation with Carter, I wanted to find out if all the tips he gave me could be true. So I went to research if there were scientific principles to sustain these strategies and what I discovered was that

almost all of these strategies are backed up by scientific proof

Indeed, in the guide, I also included all the scientific studies that prove these fat-loss tactics.

And here’s an example:

One of the tips is to eat boiled potatoes to help you reduce hunger. 

Boiled potatoes have a Satiety Index (SI) of 323, that is almost three times higher than bananas (SI of 118) and two times higher than eggs (SI of 150)

(Zoom in to read the scientific research)

In the guide, you’ll find the whole study linked. And all the other studies.

Now I guess that you’re probably wondering…

Why can you have this report for free?

This information came from Cartier’s experience and all the other models he met during his career. He trained for years and still does it. And he knows every trick in the book to easily pack on muscles and lose fat. But he is not a fitness coach. 

He has an incredible job anyway. Indeed, he manages real estate in the center of Barcelona. He doesn’t need to sell a fitness course.

But there’s more.

He knows the struggle of staying in shape as much as I know it. So we decided that this guide should be free to help other people achieve their goals.

If you want to receive for free the get-lean secrets used by Carter and other models, enter your name and email here, and I’ll send you the report:

We don’t sell your data and never will.